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Do You Need A Salesforce Trigger Developed?

Triggers are part of Visualforce, a Salesforce system that allows the system administrator to extend the functionality of Salesforce beyond that which is available in the “point and click” setup interface. Triggers are typically used when the functions available in a workflow rule falls short. Like a workflow rule, they are executed when a record is saved. A trigger can retrieve information stored on other records, perform calculations, make field updates, create new records, send emails, create activities, etc.

Is Custom Development Expensive?

In general, most simple APEX triggers take us about 5 hours (see current hourly rate) to develop, test, and deploy. We can normally discuss your requirement and have your trigger available for your acceptance testing within a day or two.

Get-Started-Post-ItExperience, Affordability, Flexibility, Availability!

As a group of Salesforce consultants and programming experts, we have the flexibility to meet on your schedule, accomplish the exact work you need, and do it for an amazingly low cost. We do not offer a package deal – we simply do the work you need at a simple, hourly rate (see current rates here). We start by meeting with you (online, over the phone to keep costs down) to discuss the project requirements. We offer ideas you may not have thought of, and try to give you a feel for what a finished product would look like and how it would function, and discuss the power and limitations of Salesforce custom functionality. We will also give you an estimate of the development time involved.

But Don’t We Need to Be On-Site?

One great thing about Salesforce is that it is hosted. Everything is online. No servers to maintain. No synchronization – and no need for staff on site. We can take care of everything from our offices. At times, we will want to review things on the system together with you. For that we use online meetings. We can review your needs on your computer right in your office. No traveling involved! That really keeps costs down and makes it possible to solve your problems immediately.

Need More Help?

Beyond Visualforce APEX development and coding, you may need setup or customization work or more in depth analysis about ways in which you can improve your use and adoption of Salesforce. We’ve done hundreds of full scale setups of Salesforce. We’ve seen how other companies solve the same problems you face. Not only can we help you with the day-to-day issues for which you need basic system administration – get advice on the best practices and techniques available to get the most from your Salesforce investment. Learn more about us by clicking here or on the links above. To reach us to discuss your needs, please use the Get Started page.

satisfaction guarantee twistYour Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Our bottom line guarantee is that you receive value from everything we do. If you decide that our work does not satisfy the requirements you gave us, we won’t charge you for the work. If you are not happy, you don’t pay. We like happy customers who feel like they got their money’s worth.

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