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Do You Need A Certified Salesforce Consultant?


  • Expert Assistance For your Salesforce CRM Implementation
  • Experienced with Customization, Setup, and the Tailoring of Salesforce to the Specific Way that Your Company Does Business
  • Technical Understanding of Salesforce Combined with Business Know-How

Do you need help with your Salesforce implementation? Our team of experienced Salesforce Consultants can help. From just a little hand-holding with a few minor problems to complex customizations for dozens of users, we can help. Having been the lead consultants on hundreds of full scale implementations, we’ve seen what Salesforce has to offer and the many ways it can be employed to solve your business problems. You’ll spend a lot of money on Salesforce – spend a little bit more (see current pricing) on the help you need to get it setup correctly. Your goal, most likely, is to improve sales and increase leadership visibility. Get some help from a consultant who sees Salesforce from your perspective.

“Snapptraffic has been a vital part of our efforts to implement Salesforce, exceeding our expectations in every aspect of the project: expertise, timeliness, value, and willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done right. But the most important thing I would impress upon anyone looking for a quality development solution for Salesforce (at a great price to boot) is the trust factor….” Read more.

– Jason Parker of Priority Power Management

Industry Experience

  • We’ve Seen How Other Businesses Have Solved The Problems You Face
  • Familiar with Common Sales Techniques and Business Processes so that Customization can Match the Way Your Company Works
  • Matching Your Business Model to Salesforce.com Functionality

Salesforce is a highly, highly capable system – and capability adds complexity. More than likely, Salesforce can be configured to work beautifully for your company and business model, but to get it there you need more than a technically savvy system administrator. You need someone who knows not only Salesforce but the countless ways in which its capabilities can be applied – and more specifically, the ways they can be applied to your business processes.

“You can’t do better than these people. Personalized, hands on care of a small business, with the depth, experience and insight of seasoned professionals.” Read more.

– Dick Putt of Capitol Electronics

Technical Expertise

  • Up-To-Date on the Latest Salesforce Tools such as Visualforce, Salesforce Sites, the Partner and Customer Portals, Workflow and Approvals
  • Setup, Custom Fields, Page Layouts, Roles and Profiles, Templates, Web-to-Lead, Reports, Dashboards, Documents, Custom Objects, Connect with Google Adwords, Google Email, and Google Docs
  • Familiar with the use and setup of the leading App Exchange packages
  • Experienced with Data Imports from Outlook, ACT, and Excel and Latest Manipulation Techniques for Clean Imports
  • Expertise Across Multiple Business and Computer Systems – Popular Sales Models, Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Adwords, MS Excel, ACT, Outlook, Quickbooks – Tying it all Together For You
  • Accomplish Customizations in Minutes that Would Take Your System Administrator Hours – Don’t Waste Their Time!

A new Salesforce implementation will present you with many challenges. The biggest challenges tend to be: data imports, adaptation to the sales model, and driving the adoption of the system by the sales team. Rather than tie up your IT team (or yourself) with hours of work that they are not familiar with – let us do it. The work will get done quickly and properly. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Many CRM implementations fail! Don’t let yours be one of them.

The Convenience of a Consultant

  • An On-Demand Extension of Your Company
  • Short and Long-Term Consultant Availability
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • No Ongoing Fees or Salaries – Pay Only for What You Need
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  • All Work Customized to Your Needs
  • Quick Answers to Tough Questions or Beginning to End Implementations

We work on an hourly basis (see the “Current Pricing” page for current hourly rate) and are normally available with short notice. Our schedules are flexible and we do not work on fixed office hours. If you’re up early on the east coast and have an issue, no problem – up late out west, its okay, call us – together we’ll find a time to get the job done. Since we charge hourly, you only pay for what you need and the work is utterly customized to your requirements – we do not do a “package implementation.”

“When we first started using Salesforce, it was overwhelming. So many features, so little support. Snapptraffic to the rescue! Michael and his team gave us the one-on-one attention we needed at rates that every small business can afford. Helpful, timely, respectful and patient. These people are your Salesforce configuration dream team.” Read more.

– Ben Utley CFP® of Physician Family Financial Advisors

Work Accomplished Remotely – No Expensive Travel!


  • Meet on YOUR computer using online meetings
  • Training or Assistance for You and Your Team Simultaneously
  • No Time Away From Work or Wasted Traveling
  • Help at a Moments Notice

Since Salesforce is web based and with the powerful tools available these days, there is virtually no requirement to visit your office physically. This, more than any other factor saves you money and increases flexibility. We can meet at a moments notice or schedule multiple appointments over several days/weeks – online meetings gives us options! Online meetings lets us both look at the same computer screen and accommodate you and your team – which is handy for training. A telephone conference line is used for multiple participants.

“The remote model really removes the barrier of expense and also allows flexibility in scheduling. Through the interactive approach using GotoMeeting I have been able to learn how to perform customizations and therefore support and administer the system for my organization.” Read more.

– Laurie Duff of ADP Dealer Services

Great Value and Convenient Billing

  • Low Hourly Rates
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Billed to Credit Card

Your invoice will show a record of every task we accomplished for your company. You will not receive a bill for 50 hours that just says “Salesforce Consulting.” Our invoices will show how every hour was spent. If a task took 35 minutes, that is what you will be billed for – you will not be overcharged. We take all major credit cards and send a detailed invoice at the end of each month.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We Insist that You Receive Value From Every Consulting Session
  • If You Are Not Satisfied, You Will Not Be Billed

It matters to us that you receive value from every session we have together or from every hour that we spend working on your system when we are not together. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will remove that charge from your bill.

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