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Why Should You Get Help with Salesforce?

Salesforce.com is a wonderful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, but for the small company trying to get it set up correctly, it can be an incredible challenge. Did you know that many customers of Salesforce.com will attempt for months to get it set up properly and show their sales team how to use it, but eventually abandon their efforts and return to their old way of doing business? Don’t let that happen to you.

Many CRM Installations Fail!

There are many pitfalls that companies new to an advanced CRM tool like Salesforce.com can easily fall into without a little help. Many companies work for months to get a system working, then scrap the system and return to their paper based systems. For example, do you know how to make sure your sales team adopts and uses your expensive new system. Salesforce.com will cost your company thousands of dollars a year – all paid for UP FRONT. Are you prepared to get the most out of this installation?

Yeah, its high tech! Super! But can YOU make it work for your business?

Sure, you want salesforce.com for its high tech record keeping, advanced reporting tools, for the visibility into your sales pipeline, and for the sophisticated dashboards and time management tools that it brings to your sales team and sales management – but each one of these tools needs to be tailored to the way that your company does business. For example, you’ll need to determine and program the system with the stages of your sales pipeline. Without this critical step, much of your reporting will be useless.

The Salesforce.com Paradigm

Do you understand the Salesforce.com “paradigm”? The salesforce.com system “thinks” about things a certain way – what exactly is a lead, and when does it become an opportunity? Why does salesforce.com use accounts and contacts? Many systems just use contacts – what is the significance of this difference? These are things that can greatly confuse your sales team and reduce the tool’s effectiveness if they are not clearly explained.

You didn’t spend thousands of DOLLARS to spend thousands of HOURS getting this system working for you. Why don’t you spend just a little bit more (and I do mean “a little”) to get some help with your Salesforce.com customization.

Do You Need A Salesforce.com Consultant?

Snapptraffic Consulting is a team of Salesforce.com experts who can help you get the most out of Salesforce.com. We understand business, we understand technology, and we understand people. We can help you get the most out of Salesforce.com by first learning about your business, its people, and its processes, and customizing Salesforce.com to meet the specific needs of each of those.

How Our Program Typically Works

When we take on a new client, we start by talking about their business and how they sell what they sell. We spend time talking about their sales pipeline and how their clients proceed through that pipeline. We talk about the reports that their company needs and talk about what information is needed to manage the company.

Next we talk about the capabilities of salesforce and decide what parts of it, and what add-ons we’re going to use. Then we’ll customize the fields, the screen layouts, and all the various sub-systems of salesforce.com to make it support the way you do business

If another contact management program is being used, we’ll import the contacts from that into salesforce. Following that, reports are generated, dashboards are built, document templates are uploaded and home pages developed. To finalize the process, we can train all your employees and make ourselves available to them for questions anytime they may have them.

How Much Will It Cost?

We charge our clients by the hour. We typically spend about 10 hours with the average client and spend an addition 5-10 hours on our own performing the various customizations. Then in the following few months we usually help a client 1 to 2 hours a month to answer questions from the sales team, customize reports and dashboards as managers start to realize the kind of information they can get from salesforce.com.

Our rates are typically half of the going consulting rate, so you can expect your program with Snapptraffic Consulting to cost somewhere around $1500 – $2500 by the time we’re done. In case that doesn’t like a good deal to you – you might be surprised to find out that many professional installations can cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

Don’t Waste Your Employees’ Time!

Some companies will ask a member of their sales team to do the salesforce.com customization for them. To be honest – it is possible. Salesforce.com has been built to be quite user friendly and most companies have people on staff that can figure it out. But here is the thing – we can do the customizations you need quickly while getting it right the first time – and when time is money – doing it quickly matters a lot. You hired your employees because of their skills and you’re only getting a good value from them when they are working on the things for which you hired them. Don’t waste their time making them read through help files and calling tech support – we can do the work you need in a fraction of the time that they can. In the end it will save you a bundle!

Also, when someone on your staff who doesn’t know salesforce.com does the customizations, the rest of your sales team doesn’t have an expert there to answer questions. Everyone involved gets frustrated. Eventually, they quit using the tool. CRM installations fail because company leaders don’t do it right the first time. A failure is an expensive mistake! Do it right the first time – get a little help – it isn’t expensive and it will help your salesforce.com installation go smoothly.

Our Work is Guaranteed

If you decide at any point during our work together that you are not getting your money’s worth – we will gladly refund whatever portion you think is right based on our performance. If you don’t feel like we’ve done a good job for you, then you won’t be charged for that work.

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