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Training for Myself or My Team

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Do You Need Training for Yourself or Your Sales Team?

Salesforce.com already has static video based training programs online, but there is nothing like spending a few hours with an expert to get the most out of a complicated system. Users of Salesforce.com will be much more productive, more informed, and have better morale when they fully understand the system that they are working with. More importantly, live training on your salesforce.com implementation is more valuable than the generic training you’ll get on the Salesforce.com website.

“Snapptraffic has been incredibly helpful in giving us a better understanding of the Salesforce.com platform… their teaching style is easy to follow and understand by users in our organization who have a wide gap in experience level. It is well paced and specific enough without being too technical. We highly recommend Snapptraffic as a training partner and coach for Salesforce.com. They truly are experts and they are incredibly helpful!”  Read more.

– Ursula Torp, Marketing Manager of Xede Consulting Group – Troy, MI

Training to Your Business Model

At Snapptraffic, our consultants work directly with you to review your setup of Salesforce.com, identify the specific customizations made to your system, detail the business model behind the system, and tailor the training program to those aspects. As consultants specializing in Salesforce.com customization and setup, we see behind the system into the specific business model requirements that result in the customizations you have in place.

“Working with Snapptraffic.com has been extremely valuable to our organization… I have also been impressed with their knowledge of customer relationship management and their easy style of presenting the information to our users.” Read more.

– Juel Bortolussi of O’Reilly Media Inc

Training Conducted Live – On Your Computer – At Your Desk

All Snapptraffic training is conducted live, online, using online meetings. This software allows our instructor and up to 15 others to see the same computer screen. We train you or your employees on your system at their desktops – live. All it requires is an internet connection and a phone. This is a very effective way to teach this system. Our students learn on their system and get their questions answered immediately.

One-on-One Function Specific Training

If there is a specific function of Salesforce.com for which you want some special training, we can spend time with you on just that subject. In that case you just pay the hourly rate for the time you spend. Do you want special training on:

  • Building Reports and Dashboards?
  • Creating Email Templates?
  • Sending Mass Email?
  • Managing Campaigns and Campaign Membership?
  • Customizing Salesforce.com – new fields, objects, page layouts?

These are just a few typical areas in which people like one-on-one training, but we would be happy to help you understand any area of Salesforce.com that you are trying to learn.

Improve Adoption and Increase Sales

When a company spends thousands of dollars on an expensive system like Salesforce.com, a failure to drive adoption is a major business shortcoming. Training is a critical adoption driver. Your company purchased Salesforce.com for two main reasons: 1) Drive an increase in sales by improving sales team efficiency, workflow, and data management, and 2) Improve management visibility over the pipeline so that they can make better decisions. Users that don’t understand the system don’t use the system – and neither goal is realized.

Ready to Learn More?

As a team of consultants, Snapptraffic can not only train your users, but we can also ensure your system is configured optimally for their use. You can learn more about our services by clicking the appropriate links. Please use the contact me page to setup an initial consultation. We would be glad to speak with you up to an hour for free to discuss your needs.

Our training is guaranteed. If you do not feel that you received value from the time you spent with us, you will not be billed.

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