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Custom Portals – Shiloh Event Creations Case Study

Are you thinking about a custom portal for your company? Snapptraffic will work together with you to create a vision and then work with you throughout the creation and implementation process to fulfill that vision.

See how we helped Shiloh Event Creations…

In November 2012 we received a call from Huong Nguyen of Shiloh Event Creations asking if Snapptraffic Consulting could help her configure the standard customer portal that is available through Salesforce.com. Huong has an event planning business and wanted to move the management of her event planning business into Salesforce.com, but she also wanted to distinguish her company from the competition by providing her customers a portal in which they follow along real time with the planning of their event.

Huong had already considered several project management solutions available on the app exchange and was close to buying one of those. Before doing so, however, she wanted to be sure that certain details of a project could be made visible through the Salesforce.com customer portal. She was asking for our help to determine if it was possible to show to her customers some important aspects of the project (from a third-party application), but to keep other items concealed.

We discussed her goals, reviewed her business process, and ultimately she decided that a custom portal with a design based on her existing website would be the best approach. Here are some screenshots of the final result. And you can read the complete case study, or if you’re ready tell us about your project!


Shiloh Login Page Screenshot1
The Portal Login Page

Shiloh Project Detail Page Screenshot1
A Detail Page from the Portal of a Shiloh project

Shiloh Charges Popup Screenshot2
A Typical Page from the Portal

Check out the complete case study on our Vision Blog.

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