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Do you need to Integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks Online?

  • Pass any data between Salesforce and Quickbooks Online
  • Kick off the transfer of data on any action you desire
  • Have your integration written by experts who will personally handle every detail
  • Have experts available who can help whenever you need assistance
  • No subscription – you own the system when it’s complete
  • Custom integrations for the same cost as canned implementation

The Power of a Custom Integration

Writing a custom integration can inexpensively handle any scenario where you need data passed between Salesforce and Quickbooks Online. The custom integration between Salesforce and Quickbooks online gives us unlimited options – it can handle the more typical configurations as well as any non-standard requirements. More importantly, it is based on your business model, your custom fields, your exact requirements. You’ve modified your Salesforce system to meet your business needs, so don’t let a standard integration to Quickbooks Online deprive you of those important customizations that you’ve made.

No Ongoing Subscriptions!

The custom integration performed by Snapptraffic Consulting is written in APEX and resides in your instance of Salesforce; therefore, there are no servers, no third parties, no external code. It is executed when required and communicates via a secure channel (OAuth) directly with Quickbooks Online. Futhermore, after we write your code, it belongs to you. There is no ongoing subscription beyond your Salesforce and Quickbooks Online subscriptions.

Custom Integration Possibilities are Endless

Here are a few typical scenarios:

  • Maybe you just want to keep the accounts in Salesforce integrated with the customer accounts in Quickbooks Online. Or a variation on that, maybe you want a particular Contact and its associated Account in Salesforce to be associated with the customer account in Quickbooks. The integration can be written to pass any and all records, or just those that pass some criteria. We can even initiate a check from Salesforce against Quickbooks to ensure a customer record is up to date, or check on a regular basis for new records in Quickbooks and bring those into Salesforce.com.
  • After a sale is complete in Salesforce, either in an opportunity or perhaps a custom object that you use like Sales, Invoices, Jobs, etc, you’d like to have the details of that record passed from Salesforce to Quickbooks Online as a new Invoice and its line items – easy; just tell us the objects and fields involved and we’ll write the integration accordingly.
  • Some clients don’t enter every sale in Salesforce, they just use it to win the relationship. Subsequently, purchases show up in Quickbooks. Seeing these purchases and their status in Salesforce.com can be very helpful – no problem. We can run a batch on a regular basis that looks for any new invoice activity in Quickbooks and brings that into a custom object in Salesforce, possibly an Invoice object, a Sales object, or a Billing object.

Moving Forward

How does this get done? In a nutshell, we meet with you online, look at your Salesforce instance together and determine the project requirements. If you need setup work first in Salesforce, such as creating custom objects and fields to support the business processes, we’ll be happy to do that – then when ready for the integration with Quickbooks Online, we’ll map the Salesforce objects and fields to the Quickbooks online database and fields.

Once the requirements are determined, our developers write the integration and install it directly into your Salesforce instance. This can typically be accomplished in just a few days. After the code is installed in the your Salesforce sandbox, we’ll test it together to determine if it satisfies your requirements and upon your acceptance of the code, we’ll deploy it to your production environment and release it to your various users.

Pricing for a Custom Integration

As a consulting company, we charge hourly rates (Current Rates). In some circumstances we’ll do a fixed bid if the requirements are clearly articulated at the beginning of the project. While there are many variables that can ultimately affect the final price, the typical integration is very affordable for the small business. We can give you a ballpark price by having a quick conversation about your requirements.

Ready to Learn More?

As a team of consultants, Snapptraffic has the expertise to help you with any Salesforce issue you may face. From initial implementations, to custom development, to portals, we can solve your Salesforce problem quickly and inexpensively. You can learn more about our services by clicking the appropriate links. Please use the contact us page to setup an initial consultation. We would be glad to speak with you up to an hour for free to discuss your needs.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Our bottom line guarantee is that you receive value from everything we do. If you decide that our work does not satisfy the requirements you gave us, we won’t charge you for the work. If you are not happy, you don’t pay. We like happy customers who feel like they got their money’s worth!

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