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Exporting Data out of Salesforce

Do You Need Help Exporting Data out of Salesforce?

Whether you are needing an export for backup reasons, security, or transition to another CRM system, you need to be sure that your data is exported properly. There are several ways to get your data out of Salesforce.com – but not all exports are created equal! Be sure to get ALL your data out in a way that makes it easy to use in the future.

Get Help with Data Preparation and Mass Export

At Snapptraffic, we handle exports of many different forms. We’re able to prepare your data so that it can be transferred to other systems. We can also export data from nearly any of the structures of Salesforce.com, including Notes, Activities, Opportunities, and any custom objects as well. We have done hundreds of exports and imports with every kind of special requirement. We’ve seen what can go wrong and know how to avoid the pitfalls.

We Don’t Need To Come To Your Office – All Work Done Remotely

no-travel-exportsWe meet with you online using online meetings. This gives us the ability to see your system on your computer screen. Together we can look through your existing system and prepare the export. Since Salesforce.com is hosted and online, we can continue the work from our offices without needing your presence. This obviously saves you a bundle on travel expenses, but more importantly, it means we can begin much sooner – no waiting for two or three weeks for a travel opening in our schedule.

Ready to Learn More?

Snapptraffic Consulting is a group of Salesforce.com experts that provide flexible, on-demand assistance for all aspects of Salesforce.com. We help companies customize Salesforce.com to their business model, import data, train the users, and prepare report and dashboards. We know the secrets to driving user adoption and can help your company get the most out of your expensive subscription to Salesforce.com.

As consultants we charge an hourly rate, so the size of the import is not an issue, simply the amount of time we spend preparing it for import. You can learn more about our services by clicking the appropriate links. Please use the contact us page to setup an initial consultation. We would be glad to speak with you up to an hour for free to discuss your needs.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteedsatisfaction guarantee twist

  • We Insist that You Receive Value From Every Consulting Session
  • If You Are Not Satisfied, You Will Not Be Billed

It matters to us that you receive value from every session we have together or from every hour that we spend working on your system when we are not together. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will remove that charge from your bill.

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