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Need a Salesforce Email Service?

An email service is a system in Salesforce.com that gives you an email address to which you can send emails that you want handled by Salesforce in some way. The “handling” of the email is through a custom APEX code that gets executed when an email is received at that address. You might want:

    • Email2Lead (Email to Lead)
    • Email2Contact (Email to Contact)
    • Email2Opportunity (Email to Opportunity)
    • Email2Anything! (Email to Anything else!)

If you want to send an email to Salesforce and have it handled in a special way. The email service is the way to make that happen.

Email2Lead – Emails from Lead Sources such as Brokers

A common request that we’ve built for clients recently is variations on “Email-to-Lead” (Email2Lead, Email to Lead, whatever people want to call it). Salesforce has no provision for this, but an email service can easily be written to provide this capability.

Email2Opportunity – Create an Opportunity from an Inbound Email

We often write email services that give our clients the ability to forward emails from their existing clients and have the email service create a new opportunity. The email service can be written to find the correct Contact record (based on the email address), then create a new Opportunity for the Account to which that Contact is associated. Whenever we use this technique, we create a completed Activity History record for the email, pull off any attachments, and save those attachments against the opportunity.

If you desire, “switches” can be added to the email to pre-populate fields on the new opportunity. For example, let’s say you want to preset the amount of the Opportunity, we can set up the email service so that when you forward the email to the email service address, you first put the amount on the first line in the body of the email. Our system will search for that amount and set that field. We can add switches for any fields that you may want to set.

Email2Anything – Have it Your Way!

We can create a variation on “Email to Salesforce” and make it do whatever you can dream up. Since the email service is executing custom code, we can write that code to do whatever you like. If you want it to save a comment against a case, we can write that. If you want it to search for an opportunity and update the stage to “Closed/Won” when the client says “Yes”, it can be done.

Curious if an email service can be used to solve the problem you face? Just ask us. Simply use the Get Started page to contact us. We’ll call you, discuss the issue, let you know if it can be done, and give you an estimate.

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