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Salesforce1 is Missing the Calendar!

Salesforce1With the release of Salesforce1, Salesforce.com has made it easy to write and extend Salesforce Visualforce pages to any mobile device. No doubt, Salesforce users will be doing more than ever on their mobile devices. But interestingly enough, Salesforce has decided not to place a user’s appointment calendar on the Salesforce1 application.

See Your Salesforce Events

Missing Calendar AppSnapptraffic Consulting provides a remedy for this limitation. We have developed a calendar tab for the Salesforce1 app that will work on any of the mobile devices being used by your Salesforce.com users.

This calendar tab is a Visualforce page, enabled for mobile that we install into your Salesforce.com system. If you decide to purchase this application, we will contact you, work with your System Administrator (or you) to install this page into your Salesforce Org. At that point, any mobile device user will be able to select a tab in the Salesforce1 Application on their mobile device and be able to see the events that they have scheduled for the day/week/month, etc.

Create Events in Salesforce from your Mobile Device

In the existing Salesforce1 Mobile Application, there is currently no provision for creating a new event. Not only does our application show you your daily schedule, it also gives you a convenient way to create events in your Salesforce.com org from your mobile device through Salesforce1. These events can be associated with any lead or contact and related to any other object, just like in the standard browser that you use on your computer. The events can even be assigned to other users in your Salesforce.com org.


For this application, we charge a one-time fee for installation and licensing. The setup fee is a flat fee of $250 and the licensing fee is $25 per user.

Get the Application

If you would like to get this app, click to Get Started. After receiving your form submission, we’ll contact you right away and schedule a time to meet with your administrator, install the application, ensure that it is working as needed, and provide training.

Do You Need Another Salesforce Mobile Application?

Do you have another requirement that you want to extend to the mobile devices of your team? Not only can we develop Salesforce Visualforce pages that your internal users to Salesforce are using, we can also extend these Visualforce pages to their mobile devices as well. Or applications, based on your Salesforce org, as you’ve customized it, can be developed and extended to their mobile devices. Click here to learn more.

Plus, if you have other needs within Salesforce.com, we offer a full suite of services to help companies trying to get more out of their Salesforce.com subscription. Click here for more details.

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