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Simplify Salesforce Document Generation

Spending too much time creating documents in Salesforce?

For years we’ve been suffering through the creation of documents for our Salesforce.com clients. The tool sets available just weren’t that great. The built in Salesforce Mail Merge made it possible to create a Word doc and merge data from a Salesforce record into the document. However this technique had serious limitations:

  • there is no inherent functionality to store the created document back into Salesforce in association with the originating record
  • there is no inherent functionality to send the created document via an email or to simply have the rendered document loaded as an attachment against an email
  • Salesforce Mail Merge didn’t work on a MAC!
  • You can’t draw data from records not in direct association with the originating record
  • You couldn’t easily choose to have the document rendered as a PDF

The solution… Drawloop

Drawloop LogoA while back we started hearing more and more about Drawloop. Drawloop makes it easy to produce many documents, and without ANY of the limitations inherent to Salesforce Mail Merge.
Drawloop can:

  • Produce any document type (doc, xls, ppt, PDF, etc)
  • Works from any platform
  • Can store rendered documents as attachments against the originating record
  • Email the documents or email them preconfigured for e-signature

Dynamic Document Packages

DDP-BoxDrawloop even has tools that will produce Dynamic Document Packages (DDP) which are essentially packets of documents that are dynamically created based on the needs of the user. What really blew us away was that the system could incorporate information from Salesforce to determine various conditions that would determine document requirements. For example, an insurance agent may need to include a particular form when a home owner has a pool. Drawloop logic could be written to see if that condition exists and then automatically include the form when needed.

Want To Learn More?

DDP1Snapptraffic is now a certified Drawloop Support Partner. If you find yourself in a situation where you need document generation out of Salesforce.com, Drawloop is probably for you. Produce as many documents as needed of any format populated with merge fields from your Salesforce.com database while storing the documents back into Salesforce.com and sending the documents via email or for e-signature. It’s a winner.

If you need help getting Drawloop configured to do all of these things for your company, Snapptraffic will be glad to help. We are a certified Salesforce.com Consulting Partner and can help you with just about any Salesforce.com dilemma you might have, including document creation, storage, and delivery.

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