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Make Your Existing Security System
Work Better… and Smarter!

Want to Reduce Your Video Monitoring Expenses?

  • Reduce false alerts
  • Eliminate need to endlessly monitor video feeds
  • Stop getting irrelevant alerts

We have developed a system that can quickly and easily be integrated into your existing security system that will reduce false alerts and eliminate the need to expensively monitor video feeds. How do we do that?

Costs are cut dramatically by automating almost the entire process. We add the human element at one key point without requiring hours and hours dedicated to video feed monitoring. This is truly intelligent monitoring.

This solution utilizes your devices and camera network, along with a curated crowd of human intelligence, to quickly and accurately analyze images and determine what action to take. Contact Us or read on to learn more.

How Does It Work?

Once your camera network is integrated with the Crowd Vision API, you describe the situation or behavior you want to be alerted about. Your monitoring system takes a picture, forwards the image to human beings who look at it and answer questions about the image, those answers are then returned to the system to take action according to the human interpretation. Examples of action could be notifying someone, making an entry in a database, sending an email or SMS alert, etc.

We’ve integrated with crowd-sourced systems where freelancers will earn revenue by watching for these images, reading the instructions that come with the image and answering a few simple questions. Being integrated with this system means images can quickly and inexpensively be interpreted by humans while automating the rest of the situation and behavior recognition process.

One of the main concerns people have about using situation awareness and behavior recognition is the fear that they are letting important aspects of their business being handled by machines. While automated systems take the picture, human beings are the ones reviewing them. You are still in control of every aspect of your business; you are just getting help from highly intelligent algorithms designed to make your camera networks smarter and more reliable.

Make Your Environments Smarter

Implementing Crowd Vision can make your environments smarter!

Applications include:

  • monitor a parking lot and notify someone when there are more than X number of cars
  • monitor a construction site for certain kinds of alert activity (missing hard hats, people where they shouldn’t belong, objects on a road)
  • monitor agricultural applications (are there animals where they shouldn’t be, are there predator animals in the area, is someone stealing water from a tank after hours)

Oil and Gas Cameras
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Phone
What Could You Ask About This Scene?

  • Has the drilling started?
  • Are there more than 5 people congregating around the equipment?
  • Is there a visible flame?
  • Is anyone hooking their truck to the water tank trailers after dark?

Contact Us to Learn More

Do you have a setting within your business that would benefit from relevant alerts when important situations or behaviors are detected? Then you need to consider the benefits and applications of a savvy image and video analysis company. Contact Us today to learn more.